Universal Notebook Docking Stations

If you travel with your laptop, you have had to work in some awkward spaces with it. Perhaps you were cramped on an airplane, or pressed into a corner in a coffee shop. That can't be helped. But for the great number of users who often have to use their laptops in the car, there is a better way than balancing it precariously on your knees in the passenger seat.

Universal notebook docking stations are built for many environments, from control rooms to warehouse floors to automobiles. It is perhaps in the automobile where they make the most dramatic difference, however. Improvised tables and platforms can always been rigged up in an open space. Not so in the car. The ToughBook series from Panasonic work in tandem with a series of docking stations available at buytough.com to make your life easier and more comfortable.

Because they are designed for the laptops themselves, all the right features are there. The size is right. The ports are accessible. The design is seamless. With usability and comfort like these, you can't go wrong. Your productivity will increase, and your physical stress will diminish.

Working out of the office and on the road isn't always pleasant. But it can be made easier. Universal notebook docking stations are a good first step in that direction. Visit us at buytough.com today and let us know how we can help you get set up today.

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