Toughbook MDWD2

People who work in rugged surroundings, such as Marines, firefighters and mobile healthcare workers, often choose the Panasonic Toughbook as their computers of choice. In addition to offering the fastest clock-speed CPUs and two execution cores for fast, simultaneous running of two programs, these computers are encased in magnesium alloy and field tested against heat, cold, moisture and impact. However, in addition to the Panasonic Toughbook laptops, there is also a special Toughbook created for healthcare workers and built to be secure and trouble-free.

The Toughbook MDWD2 is part of the Panasonic Toughbook "Rugged" line and is made to be used in challenging field situations. The MDWD2 model is a wireless device created for healthcare professionals, and both the MDWD and MDWD2 connect to a local server, rather than having their own hard-disk drives. They work up to 300 feet from any wireless LAN-enabled Toughbook, feature high-bright, sunlight-readable touchscreens, and have moisture- and dust-resistant LCDs.

Making a diagnosis requires a blend of educated decision making, access to pathology data and the individual's chart, and communication with colleagues. The Toughbook MDWD2 allows you to do all of this, as well as send prescriptions and orders to local labs. What used to take a day or more can now be done in just moments, and you can do it high on a mountain or in the middle of a desert, without the need for all of the resources of a fully staffed hospital.

These MDWD devices make pencils, paper, radios and calculators obsolete. Now, everyone working on a project can stay in constant communication and have access to up-to-the-minute field data. The display is in color, and the entire machine is light and compact. Data can be easily read, even in bright conditions, and Toughbooks also have the added advantage of experiencing the least downtime of any laptop in the industry. Get an online quote today here at

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