Toughbook Elite

Panasonic's Toughbook eLite series is the leading laptop computer for public safety professionals. Firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and police officers all use Panasonic Toughbooks in the field, where any shock or surprise can happen at any time. Whether you are such a public serviceman, a field technician, or a traveling professional, can help provide you the durability and strength guaranteed with each Toughbook eLite computer.

By using the Toughbook eLite series, public safety professionals also make sure they can rely on their mobile laptop computers to provide important saved information and vital connections to other team members. Embedded OEM modules and integrated antennas shield against noise- and heat-based interference caused by that can interfere with wireless receptivity. You get robust reception with your integrated Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity for those crucial links to the home office.

You don't have to hold your breath every time your laptop gets jostled anymore. The semi-rugged line of Toughbooks--including the Toughbooks 51, 73, T4, W4, and Y2 series--come equipped with a magnesium alloy case with 20 times the strength of ordinary plastic laptop cases. They also feature shock-resistant hard drives that protect your invaluable information against the bumps and shocks that disable other laptops.

The fully-rugged line of Toughbooks--including the Toughbooks 01, 18, 29, 34, and MDWD series--provide even more resistance to shocks and greater functionality for mobile professionals. Long battery lives of up to 10 hours, touch screen applications, and light-weight designs down to three pounds and under all make Toughbooks the perfect on-the-go companions. Order yours today at

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