Toughbook 18

The ToughBook 18 from Panasonic is two machines in one. With a quick swivel, the ToughBook 18 transforms from a fully rugged high performance notebook PC to a fully rugged tablet PC. There is no other machine quite like it. When used in tablet mode, handwritten notes are a cinch, documents can be edited, diagrams can be drawn, and life can be made simpler.

The ToughBook 18 isn't just a pretty face, though. Inside sits a 1.1GHz processor along with fully integrated wireless modules. The screen is an XGA display measuring 10.4" and is multidirectional and can be fully rotated. And of course, all the shock resilient features of the ToughBook series are fully in effect, meaning you can use your ToughBook 18 anywhere.

As if this weren't enough, the ToughBook 18 comes with a battery that can deliver more than five hours of uninterrupted service. All the brilliant features of a laptop are rendered meaningless if the machine powers down after a short stint. That will never happen with the ToughBook 18. It's tough in every way.

The versatile, innovative ToughBook 18 is available at, your number one authorized Panasonic ToughBook retailer on the Web. Here you'll find the customer service you need, along with any accessory to keep you and your ToughBook working.

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