Tough Notebooks

Tough notebooks are great for working in the field or on the road. They're built to withstand the banging and jostling that comes with life and work on the go. Of course, that won't do you much good if you're trying to work long hours in the field and your battery gives out on you. With most laptops, this is often the case.

With the ToughBook series from Panasonic, that's not a worry. Battery life ranges from five to nine hours. Nine hours! That's a full work day without a worry! It's all made possible by the use of low voltage hard disks designed to last, as tough notebooks should. The days of traveling with a bag full of batteries just to get through a work day are gone when you get a ToughBook from Panasonic.

At, we know all about these incredible machines. We're an authorized Panasonic dealer, and believe these are the best tough notebooks on the market. And when you buy from us at, you're not only getting a good deal, you're getting the full backing of the Panasonic company, too. All pertinent warranties and customer service is at your fingertips.

Battery life is the number one problem with laptops today. You don't have to be out in the field for this to be a concern. You can be in the library or corner café or on an airplane without an outlet. The simple truth is: you can't get work done if you don't have power. So get a ToughBook from and never worry again.

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