Humidity Test



The Humidity test was performed in accordance with MIL-STD-810F, Method 507.4 (Aggravated). The test items were tested for operation near the conclusion of the fifth and tenth cycles. Each cycle was one day (24 hours) and the entire test was performed over ten days.The temperature was cycled between 86 and 140°F with the relative humidity at 95% constant.

The Toughbooks continued to boot up and operate following each test, and there were no visual anomalies.

Picture This
You're sitting in an aisle seat of an airplane working to complete a presentation. The food cart accidentally bumps into your tray table, knocking a cup of hot coffee onto your keyboard. The results could be disastrous, unless your keyboard, ports and internal circuitry have been designed to resist such hazards.

It's unavoidable. Notebooks get caught in the rain and accidentally dowsed with coffee just like you do.

Spill-resistant Keyboard & Touchpad

Certain Toughbook models feature spill-resistant keyboards and touchpads for protection against potential damage from the spills and splashes that are common to mobile computing environments.

Protected LCDs
The LCD panel on some Toughbook models is protected by an overlay panel which is sealed around the edges to provide extra protection against moisture and dust.

Sealed Ports & PC Card Slots
Hinged aluminum alloy covers with environmental seals protect the multimedia pocket, PC card slots and rear connection terminals.