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This Item has been discontinued

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Toughbook F8

Toughbook Y5

This unit has been discontinued.

Business-rugged Notebook PC, 14.1" LCD, Integrated Combo Drive, weighing 3.7 lbs. Wireless ready.

Sleek. Solid. Superior. With it's large 14.1" color LCD, integrated combo drive and built-in durability, the Toughbook Y5 is designed for optimal productivity on the road or in the office. And, with Intel® CentrinoTM Mobile Technology, you'll enjoy breakthrough computing performance and maximum unwired freedom.

Spill-Resistant Keyboard*1 for Reducing the Risk of Damaging the Computer by Liquid Spill
The waterproof sheet under the keyboard protects all of the valuable parts in case a liquid is spilled onto the keyboard. A drain system allows the spilled liquid to be drained from an outlet on the bottom. This protects the TOUGHBOOK from liquid spills, one of the main causes of mobile PC damage.

Waterproof Keyboard
The keyboard unit itself is completely waterproof, protected by seamless sealing.
Any liquid spilled on the keyboard can be removed by the drain system.
*1 The entire keyboard surface of the CF-Y5 is spill-resistant, unless the side, battery compartment, speaker compartment, or Super Multi drive is open. The spill-resistant performance of the product does not guarantee that it will be free from damage or malfunction. if water is spilled onto it, be sure to have it repaired. (Note that a fee will be charged for this repair service.)

LCD Backlight System ensures a Longer Life
The internal materials and diameter of the FL lamp were optimized to make the FL lamp life at least twice as long as that of standard LCD back lights for notebook PCs.
Panasonic Toughbook Y5
Improved PC Card Slot Strength
The connection between the card and the slot has been reinforced. This design increases the card-in-slot durability by more than three times* that of conventional units.
*Compared with the Panasonic CF-W2. To prevent damage to the PC card, Please carry the unit with the PC card removed.
Thin lightweight Body Casing with Improved Durability.
By optimizing both form and space design, the pressure resistance of the LCD has been doubled* compared with that of conventional models.
*Compared with the Panasonic CF-W2.
Shock Protection for the Hard Disk Measured by a Free Fall Test From a Height of 30 cm.
By adding shock absorbing material (dampers) to the periphery of the hard disk drive, shock is reduced by 50%. The laptop has also survived a free fall test of 10 cm (4 in) onto the bottom face in operation mode.
*Non-operation mode.
Floating Structure for Mainboard Protecion
To protect the high-density mainboard, the structure of the PCB resists external twisting forces.
Annular Pipe Structure Ensures Durability & Lightweight
The outer edges of the LCD cabinet are constructed in a "rib-like" fashion, creating a frame that surrounds the LCD, to protect it from warping.

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Memory Cards
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