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Toughbook 51

You can't hose it off like its predecessors, but Panasonic's Toughbook CF-51 has been built strong enough to take more than its share of punishment.

This full-powered mobile PC is ideal for on-the-go professionals who demand maximum computing performance wherever work takes them. It features a generous 15" Active Matrix Color display for group presentations and the advanced technology to run the largest software applications with ease.

"The Toughbook® CF-51 is much more than just another new, faster-CPU'd face on the rugged computer scene," "The CF-51 does have the fastest CPU clock speed in its class, but the main reason for its superior overall system performance is the Panasonic engineering expertise that enabled them to rapidly deploy Second Generation CentrinoT mobility platform and 533MHz FSB CPUs into their computers.

"chief competitors are still using 400MHz bus CPUs and first-generation CentrinoT technology and that -even more than the difference in raw clock speed - is why they're falling behind in every crucial performance category."

"The Toughbook® CF-51 was specifically designed for customers with critical data-security requirements such as government employees and Enterprise executives who are required to pull their hard drives whenever they leave their computers unattended," he said. "They - and we -- were rightly concerned about what might happen when a bare drive is accidentally dropped or subjected to some other shock. Our response to those concerns is the Toughbook's proprietary hard drive, which can withstand a four-foot drop to a solid surface.

The CF-51 does away with many of the bulky military-strength features common to the CF-18 and CF-29, such as the hard-plastic frame and completely sealed design; you definitely don't want to drive over this one. Still in the mix, however, are durability features such as the full magnesium-alloy case, shock-resistant 80GB removable hard drive, and a vibration- and shock-resistant plastic LCD screen casing that can take more than a casual whack.

This toughened design supports a cutting-edge feature list that surpasses the notoriously outdated Toughbook specifications, which have been hard for Panasonic to update because of its restricted model range. Foremost among these is a 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo CPU, which is supported by 512MB of RAM, SD multimedia slot, Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11a/b/g wireless and all the other features that have become standard issue in today's notebook market.

The removable hard drive can be replaced with a second battery that nudges usability to seven hours. Optional fingerprint and smart card readers are designed to increase the CF-51's corporate appeal, while a full-sized 15-inch TFT display, with sizeable 1600x1200-pixel UXGA resolution and 128MB video RAM for graphics, provides crisp and clear graphics performance. Panasonic has clearly targeted the more-technical field users who need big, bright screens for CAD and other visual applications.

Full-featured desktop alternative, the Toughbook 51 has an Active Matrix Color display for group presentations, magnesium alloy LCD case, and optional SmartCard reader for added security. Durable and full-powered, it can handle your large programs and critical software applications with the reliability to help you get the job done right.
  Product Highlights
Large 15" Display for Group Presentations
Magnesium Alloy LCD and Bottom Case
Shock-mounted, Removable HDD
Optional Smart Card Reader for Added Security
Intel® CentrinoT Mobile Technology


 AC Adapter (3 pin) CF-AA1653AM 
 Battery Charger CF-VCBTB1U 
 ToughMate CF51 Always-on Case CF-FM5051 
 ComFolio Universal Carrying Case (large capacity) CF-COMUNIV 
 ComFolio Universal Jr. Carrying Case CF-COMUNIVJR 
 Desktop Port Replicator CF-VEB511W 
 DVD Multi Drive (DVD-RAM/DVD-RW/CD-RW)  CF-VDM732U 
 Lithium Ion Battery Pack CF-VZSU29U 
 Lithium Ion Battery Pack for Multimedia Pocket  CF-VZSU1473U 
 Memory Cards  
- 512MB CF-WMBA5512