discontinued unit

This Item has been discontinued

The newly upgraded unit can be found at:

Toughbook 30

Toughbook 29

Available Accessories
AC Adapter (3 pin) CF-AA1653AM 
MIL-416 Compliant AC Adapter CF-AA1653ASM 
Battery Charger CF-VCBTB1U 
Combo Drive (DVD-ROM*/CD-RW**) CF-VDR291U 
DVD Multi Drive " (DVD-RAM/DVD-RW/CD-RW**)  CF-VDM292U 
ComFolio Universal Carrying Case " (large capacity)  CF-COMUNIV 
ComFolio Universal Jr. Carrying Case CF-COMUNIVJR 
Desktop Port Replicator CF-VEB272A2W 
External FDD Cable CF-VCF271 
Lithium Ion Battery Pack CF-VZSU29U 
Lithium Ion Battery Pack " for Multimedia Pocket CF-VZSU1428W 
Memory Cards
– 512MB  CF-WMBA5512 
– 1GB  CF-WMBA501G 
Mobile Data Wireless Display CF-VDW07CHM 
ToughMate CF29 Nylon Sling Carrying Case  CF-TM29 
Touchscreen Large Stylus with Tether Hole  CF-VNP004U 
Vehicle Mount Port Replicator (USB 2.0)  CF-WEB2732 
Vehicle Mount Port Replicator Dual High-gain Pass-throughs CF-WEB2912 
Vehicle Mount Port Replicator High-gain Pass-through CF-WEB2732CBL 
13.3" LCD Protector Film CF-VPF03U