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Toughbook 01

A perfect combination of durability, portability and versatility, the Toughbook 01 PDA is small enough to hold in your hand, yet smart enough to carry your entire workload. It is available with optional integrated wireless LAN/WAN and GPS. The Toughbook 01 is designed using MIL-STD-810F test procedures and is drop shock-resistant design with dust- and moisture-resistant casing, sealed port and connector covers and scratch-resistant case and screen providing a level of durability needed to survive in a tough industrial or military work environment. The Toughbook 01 runs Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 and is compatible with NI LabVIEW PDA Module for Pocket PC.

Short of going everywhere with a beefy ex-boxer at your side, you can't get a tougher personal assistant than the ToughBook CF-01.

Weighing only around 1 lb., the CF-01's size is no indication of its strength - or its capabilities. Tough enough for the construction site or the police patrol, it's dust, shock and vibration-resistant. It can be used in heavy rainfall, yet its colour LCD screen offers perfect visibility even in bright sunshine.

You can drop the CF-01 onto concrete from 4 ft. without damage. And even if your butterfingers are wearing work gloves, you can still easily operate the integrated keyboard, touch screen and cursor control button.

Running Windows CE 3.0 (PPC 2002 from March 2003), the CF-01 can be used for integrated wireless communications, with GSM/GPRS and Wireless LAN - making it ideal for managing delivery trucks and service vans. Other options include GPS and bar code scanning. So unlike a minder, it's not just tough - it's intelligent too.