T2 Toughbook

If there was ever a tough laptop that didn't look it, it's the T2 ToughBook from Panasonic. The T2 has all the features of a semi-rugged laptop, from the magnesium alloy casing to the shock-mounted hard-drive, but the design is sleek and lightweight and can slip easily into a briefcase or carry-on luggage. The T2 ToughBook is the ideal choice for the executive on the go.

The T2 ToughBook is the ultimate upgrade for users of traditional laptops who don't want the worry and the hassle involved with damage and repairs. The large 14.1" screen makes it big enough to be used as a desktop replacement, too. How wonderful would it be just to have one computer that you can take with you, without worry, whenever you need to?

At buytough.com, we specialize in Panasonic ToughBooks. They are the best high-end, durable laptops on the market today, and we are proud to be an authorized retailer for these amazing machines. We carry the full line of semi-rugged and rugged laptops and can say without hesitation that the T2 ToughBook has got it all. For the working professional, there is no better machine.

Laptops used to be in an unenviable spot. They had to be light and elegant, and able to travel. But that meant being somewhat weak and prone to accidents. No longer. The T2 ToughBook has proven without a doubt that you can have both functionality and durability in one place. Make that place yours.

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