Semi Rugged Laptops

Semi-rugged laptops are built for executives, business people and travelers who need machines that can withstand the daily grind of bumps and bruises on the road. In truth, everybody should have a semi-rugged laptop. It is the nature of the laptop to travel, and in traveling, things get banged around. The semi-rugged laptops from the Panasonic ToughBook series are built tough, but are still lightweight and elegant.

But Panasonic didn't just worry about the exterior when designing the semi-rugged laptop series. Not a chance. These computers are top-of-the-line machines with blazing processors, large hard drives, and the best wireless connectivity available. Some models boast CD/DVD combo drives, while others have touchscreen capabilities.

The semi-rugged laptops from Panasonic include the ToughBooks 73, T2, T4, W4 and 51. For detailed specs on each model, please visit All of these machines are built with the same tough exterior and dedication to excellence, the only differences are the individual features. At we know these machines inside and out and are ready to help you select the one that best suits your needs.

We are an authorized Panasonic dealer, too, so you'll be getting a great deal from a company that can properly handle all your inquiries. If you want peace of mind when you're traveling and working, the semi-rugged laptops from Panasonic are the ideal solution.

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