Ruggedized Laptops

You may be asking yourself, "What exactly is a ruggedized laptop, and why do I need one?" Fair questions. To answer the first part, a ruggedized laptop is a laptop that is built to withstand drops, falls, spills and shocks. They are built in magnesium casings and take special care to protect the hard-drive in a shock-resistant case.

The second part of the question can vary from person to person, but it comes down to this: you need a ruggedized laptop because accidents happen, and there's no getting around that fact. Laptops are built to travel. They are lightweight, portable, and slip easily into over-the-shoulder bags. But being built to travel doesn't always mean being built to withstand the rigors of travel.

It doesn't matter whether you work in the field or just do a lot of traveling. Laptops get bumped and bruised at the very least, and dropped at the very worst. Ruggedized laptops can take a pounding. Regular laptops can't. So if your work is important to you, and losing it accidentally could spell disaster, then you need to get a ruggedized laptop right away.

At, we specialize in ruggedized laptops. And we know that the best ones on the market today are the ToughBook series from Panasonic. They are the most reliable, fastest and toughest notebooks you could ever wish to have by your side. Different models come with different specs, so come to our online showroom and see which model best suits your needs. There are also tablet PCs and handheld devices available as well.

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