Rugged Portable Computers

Panasonic is the leading manufacturer of rugged portable computers in the world. The company has been developing these machines for over two decades. All those years of research and refinement have helped it create the toughest, most reliable series of rugged portable computers even seen. Their ToughBook series can withstand the bumps and knocks that come with working in the field.

The ToughBook line are built with magnesium cases to withstand being dropped accidentally or having heavy objects fall on top of them. They come with spill-proof keyboards and display screens. Anybody who has worked outdoors only to get caught in a sudden downpour knows how important this is. The same is true for anybody who has had to work on an airplane and watched as turbulence sent their drink flying across their keyboard.

At we are proud to be an authorized dealer of ToughBooks from Panasonic. We also carry durable computer cases that can provide protection for your existing laptop. Whatever products you choose, every one is a Panasonic and carries the confidence of the company. If there are ever any questions, a support staff is standing by.

Choose the ToughBook model that is right for you from today. We'll be happy to help you select the one that best suits your needs. We have seen first hand just how valuable these machines can be, and the difference they can make. Don't delay. Get yourself a rugged personal computer today.

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