Rugged Laptop Computers

Laptop computers are going everywhere these days. From cafés to airplanes to construction sites and back again. They were designed to be light, travel friendly and make life for life-on-the-go that much easier. For the most part, they have. But in many cases, the ease and comfort of a laptop has been undermined by their flimsy nature. Solution: rugged laptop computers.

If you work in the field, on the road, or from hotel to hotel, your laptop computer is going to take a fair amount of punishment. It's inevitable. Drinks get spilled, cases get dropped, and bags get bumped. That's part of life. Fortunately, you can protect your work with Toughbooks from Panasonic, and you can now get them from, your number one authorized Panasonic dealer.

The Toughest Jobs Demand The Toughest Computers

Rugged laptop computers are key if you work in any environment that requires you to boot up in the open. Construction sites, athletic events, even film crews all pose work hazards to your laptop computer that a sheltered office will not. Dust, dirt, rain, and simple human clumsiness can cause irreversible damage to a computer, and leave you high and dry at the worst possible moment.

But the toughest PCs are built to last under these and other harsh conditions. Here are just a few jobs the best rugged laptop computers and tablets are made for:

  • Warehouse & Industrial Workers – Accelerate quality assurance with mobile rugged tech that is armored against the hazards of the production line.
  • Contractors – From field work to construction, contracting teams can integrate their technology at building sites with confidence thanks to portable fully-rugged PCs.
  • Military & Police – For dangerous and hostile situations, there’s no substitute for Panasonic’s line of battle-ready hardened laptops & tablet PCs.
  • Business Sales – The perfect IT solution for the traveling salespeople, tough technology means your team can confidently chase down new business, in the field and on the go.
  • Education – For research, experimentation and hands-on learning, university students and professors love the power and versatility of a Panasonic Toughbook.
  • Healthcare – Small yet powerful rugged handheld PCs like the Panasonic H1 Ultra are designed for mobility and compliance in the medical environment.

Rugged jobs demand ruggedized laptops, so why would you get anything less? For ending worries about the safety of your computer technology, an investment in a tough machine pays serious dividends.

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