Panasonic Toughbook Y4

The Toughbook Y4 is perfect for the person who travels and has to carry a laptop. This laptop features a large 14.1 inch SXGA LCD screen. However, the computer only weight 3.3 pounds. This means that the traveler who wants a large screen area to work with or even watch movies on does not have to compromise weight for viewing pleasure.

In addition, the battery life offered by this product is great for the frequent traveler, or the person working out in the field. The computer's battery can provide up to seven hours of life before needing to be recharged. In addition, the computer features a DVD-RW drive that is thin and compact. In order to make using it easy in tight spaces, the drive opens up, rather than to the front or on the side of the computer. This makes changing movies in coach a lot easier.

For those working out in the field, the Toughbook Y4 is not fragile. It is designed with a magnesium case and shock absorbing components. This includes the hard drive, which is equipped to be shock resistant. Under tests done at Panasonic labs, the computer was able to withstand 110 pounds of weight on it.

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