Panasonic Toughbook W4

The ultimate in both portability and toughness, the Panasonic Toughbook W4 is perfect for the mobile professional who always needs to be ready to move. Featuring a 12.1" XGA Color LCD Display with optional touch screen capability, the W4 is among the most affordable models in Panasonic's eLite Executive laptop line. Traveling with a laptop has never been easier and more fool-proof than with the Toughbook W4.

People buy within the Toughbook line for a reason: unparalleled durability, even under the toughest conditions. The W4 features a magnesium alloy case that is 20 times stronger than the plastic casing typical for other laptops. A 40-gigabyte shock-mounted hard drive protects against costly damage from vibration and drops.

At an ultra-light 2.8 pounds, the W4 won't be straining any muscles and is perfectly suited to be held in one hand for use in the field. It additionally sports a battery life of 6.6 hours, ideal for a cross-country plane ride or extended time on a job without access to power. The W4 also provides the cutting edge in computer technology, an Intel Pentium M Processor with 512 megabytes of SDRAM included.

The W4 is especially suited for professionals on the move. At less than 2" tall, the laptop can fit in the tightest airline spaces. The DVD-CD/RW drive opens up, rather than out, allowing easier access in constricted spaces. The long battery life and included Intel Centrino Mobile Technology wireless LAN connection ensures the reliability every executive requires for the most important jobs. Order your Panasonic Toughbook W4 today at, an authorized Panasonic dealer.

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