Panasonic Toughbook Computers

Many jobs in today's fast-paced, mobile business world require constant travel and yet continuous to key information. When this information is sensitive or valuable, it presents a problem of needing to rely on a fragile laptop, which often is missing the features of a full desktop. Panasonic's line of rugged, reliable Toughbook laptop computers are a perfect solution for the professional who can't afford to slow down for their notebook.

Panasonic Toughbook computers are all outfitted with stylish magnesium alloy cases offering 20 times the strength and protection of plastic laptop cases. Shock-resistant hard drives protect valuable information against damage done by vibrations or hard falls. The rugged Toughbooks are protected against falls of four feet onto concrete. They are also specially resistant to damage from heat and cold, dampness, and dust. is an authorized Panasonic Toughbooks dealer, which means you get a great service package when purchasing with us. You get access to Panasonic repair and technical services, with an option for higher technical service packages. This includes access to their services even after the warranty has expired. also serves as one-stop service provider of customizations and implementations. Because we concentrate on Panasonic Toughbooks alone, we are a great source of information and expertise on these rugged notebooks. Any option you want for your Toughbook can be handled by us, and we remain the sole accountable technology provider, making your search for information that much easier. Get wireless integration, touch screen capability, and a range of Toughbook accessories, all available here at

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