Panasonic Toughbook 29

The Panasonic Toughbook 29 is simply the ultimate in rugged laptop design. Built to exacting military standards of toughness, the Toughbook 29 is bursting with innovations, wireless applications, and useful features. For professions requiring constant movement, but continuous connection to information at the same time, the Toughbook 29 cannot be beaten.

The 13.3" TFT Active Matrix Color LCD provides protection against outdoor glare and optional touch screen capability. A "hot swapping" pocket can serve as a way to switch multimedia platforms while the computer is still turned on, or as a secondary battery. With an initial battery life 50 percent higher than the most similar model, you are likely to run out of energy before your Toughbook does.

For those who require reliable internet access, the 29 model comes with Intel Centrino mobile technology providing wireless LAN connectivity installed as standard. You also have the option of integrating Bluetooth, EVDO/EDGE, and GPS capability into the notebook. Panasonic's cutting-edge antenna design limits interference from heat and noise that can cripple some PC cards. The result is robust connectivity to wireless networks, no matter where you are in the field or while traveling.

For those in the communications or electrical industries, the Toughbook 29 can be fitted with integrated test modules and leads for the VIP Sidekick POTS testing system. These features give an idea of the customization possible when purchasing your Panasonic Toughbook 29 at, a preferred Panasonic dealer. If you want the best the laptop industry has to offer, order a Toughbook today.

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