State and local government

Panasonic offers a full line of mobile PCs that deliver superior reliability and durability to there State and Local Customers. their computers can withstand the harsh environments that are often faced by State and Local Government employees, including building inspectors, property assessors, public works employees and environmental inspectors.

Panasonic Toughbooks® are powerful, portable and extremely versatile with wireless-ready capabilities and integrated GPS. Most importantly, Toughbooks are built to take it-heat, cold, moisture, dust, bumps, drops and vibration-all the extreme conditions State and Local Government face every day.

Panasonic Toughbook Wireless Connectivity

Wireless Connectivity
The Toughbook 19 has multiple wireless options so you can communicate in real time from the field-receive job assignments, complete paperwork, download schematics and upload forms to your office server-without leaving the inspection site.

Integrated Wireless LAN

  • Intel® PRO/Wireless 2100 network connection 802.11b

Integrated Wireless Options

  • CDMA 2000 1xRTT (WAN) GPRS Class 8 (WAN)
  • BluetoothTM
Panasonic Toughbook Outdoor-Readable Touchscreen LCD
Outdoor-Readable Touchscreen LCD
The Toughbook 19 features an outdoor-readable TFT Active Matrix Color LCD that's easy to read, even in the brightest sunlight. In the tablet version, you'll be able to enter or revise schematics from the field and save new work or changes. And the touchscreen model, featuring a brightness of 300 NIT, lets you navigate through icon-driven software applications simply by touching the LCD.
Panasonic Toughbook Integrated GPS
Integrated GPS
With the Toughbook 19, you'll have access to an optional integrated Global Positioning System so you can access maps, pinpoint street locations and receive driving directions-without leaving your vehicle or relying on outdated printed maps. You'll find job locations more quickly, eliminating costly delays when covering unfamiliar territory.