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For workers in many industries, a regular notebook computer will not do. Typically, notebooks are not designed to take the use and abuse that comes from working outside the office. In addition, for people who work in extreme situations, a regular notebook may not work at all. This is when the durability and features of a Panasonic Toughbook is needed.

For many first responders to scenes of devastation and tragedy, it is often uncertain what they will face. They need a notebook computer than can stand up to being dropped, being bumped, and even having liquids spilled on them. In addition, they need a computer that can withstand moisture and dirt. These are the properties that make the Panasonic Toughbooks perfect for such situations.

buytough.Com has sold thousands of Toughbooks to all types of industries. We have sold Toughbooks to government contractors, law enforcement agencies, the military, and even schools. Of course, these computers are not just designed for heavy industry. They are also designed for individuals who want to protect their data from loss and damage, which can mean lost business and profits. There are also plenty of users who rely upon the Toughbooks simply for their exceptional computing power.

Contact if you have any questions. We can suggest the model that is right for you. In addition, we can explain all the features that make these machines so popular among people who need a reliable, sturdy piece of equipment. We are a Panasonic Toughbooks authorized dealer, which means that you know you are backed by the full power and support of Panasonic when you buy from us.

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