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Notebook computers have become more and more popular. They allow people the freedom to move their work and their data from place to place. In addition, their small size and power allow for work to be done in even the most cramped situations. However, this can also be the notebook computer's biggest problem.

Most notebook computers are not designed to take abuse. If you take them outside in wet conditions or expose them to dust and dirt, you are probably substantially decreasing the life of the computer. In addition, there is a good chance that you will lose data due to a hard drive or computer failure. If you move your notebook around a lot, or work outside, you need a computer that is rugged enough to stand up to abuse.

This is where Tough Books come into play. These computers are designed to be used in extreme situations. They are built with stronger cases, spill proof keyboards, and shock absorbing components. In addition, many of the computers in the Tough Book series are more powerful than other notebooks.

If you need a notebook that was meant for more than the office, can help. We have knowledgeable sales people who can advise you on the model that is most appropriate for your line of work. In addition, we are an authorized Panasonic Tough Books dealer. This means that we are backed by the power and service of Panasonic.

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